From the holistic management of the delegated capital, to the simple execution of your purchase and sale orders, we offer you a whole range of solutions so that you find the right balance of involvement, performance and time in the management of your personal, family or businessman wealth.

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Through our Trading Desk we offer the best execution practices and access to all markets, as well as settlement services for any type of investment.

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We provide integral debt issuance and restructuring solutions and confidential M&A advice (Mergers and Acquisitions) both for local and international companies. We are constantly looking for new business opportunities and the best way to achieve them.

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Strategies & Financial Solutions

Whether it's for you, your company or your family, our priority is your capital.

Working impartially and independently we seek to know and understand in depth your financial needs, offering personalized, creative and innovative solutions that protect and increase your assets.

We are a committed company, dedicated to meet and understand the needs of our customers with the aim of creating value and generate wealth, through relationships based on trust and mutual respect, with a high degree of professionalism and excellence in quality of service. We combine years of experience, tradition and innovation and we highlight the best human talent in order to offer a comprehensive range of financial services.

To be a leader in the local and regional financial market, seeking permanent growth and development of financial products and services; that encourages the progress of the capital markets by providing the needs of institutional and individual clients, within a framework of corporate social responsibility committed to the well-being of our community.

Trajectory & Experience

Crisis, a great opportunity

In 2009, in the midst of the international financial crisis, bankers in the Wealth Management and Corporate Banking sector of Lehman Brothers, decided to double the commitment to our vocation of service and entrepreneurial spirit; this is how Zuma Advisors was born.

Our experience, your support

Main International Investment Banks as Merrill Lynch, Barclays Bank PLC, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, endorse the work done for years by our associates and group of executives, which allows us to have an updated and superior business platform that seeks to be permanently available to new business opportunities.

Ubiquitous advice

Our local presence with regional and global scope, allows us to offer you a personalized service of financial advice, anywhere at any time.

Philosophy & Values

We prioritize confidentiality and transparency in our way of operating, which has resulted in solid long-term relationships and has made us one of the most reliable financial groups in the Argentine Republic.

We are integral in our actions, always trying to do the right thing, in a correct way, being coherent with our personal values which we share with our community.

We seek to promote the work of everyone over the work of each one, based on a common identity where the skills of others are recognized, their roles are understood and they know how to help each other.

Philosophy & Values
Zuma Advisors

Structural Integration &
Operational Safety

A new financial business model according to the standards of global markets.

We are pioneers of a new operating model; the division of commercial and operational functions between Zuma and RosVal, our operating partner, safeguards your capital and allows us the dynamism and efficiency to provide you with the best market ideas.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are convinced of the need to share with the community the achievements of our work and experience, our partners actively participate in social and educational projects through different institutions and NGOs.