From the holistic management of the delegated capital, to the simple execution of your purchase and sale orders, we offer you a whole range of solutions so that you find the right balance of involvement, performance and time in the management of your personal, family or businessman wealth.

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Through our Trading Desk we offer the best execution practices and access to all markets, as well as settlement services for any type of investment.

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We provide integral debt issuance and restructuring solutions and confidential M & A advice (Mergers and Acquisitions) both for local and international companies. We are constantly looking for new business opportunities and the best way to achieve them.

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Wealth Management

01. Private Banking

Managed Accounts

You delegate, we manage.

We offer you to delegate entirely to us the administration of your assets independently, safely and discretionally. Your plan will be managed by Zuma Advisors where our specialists will select the most appropriate financial assets to meet your pre-established objectives, allowing you to save time and resources.

Brokerage Accounts

We advise, you decide.

If you prefer to participate more actively in the management of your assets, this type of account will allow you to assume and share with our professionals the responsibility of implementing your investment plan.

Proprietory Accounts

You choose, we execute.

If you decide to choose to manage your assets in a totally independent way, you should only pass the purchase sale orders for their subsequent execution in authorized markets.

02. Family Offices

In an increasingly complex world, we accompany families in the development of their investments from a structured, holistic and comprehensive approach that reflects the objectives of the family. Managing wealth successfully involves resorting to a wide range of services, which include the particular governance system of each family, implementing a global investment plan guaranteeing its operational safety.

03. Institutional Banking

Liquidity Management

A simple and efficient way to make the most of your company's liquidity. We constantly work on the redesign and creation of financial products and services that adapt to the needs of efficiently managing the financial resources of companies and institutions. We concentrate our efforts on reducing risks seeking a continuous improvement of your organization and financial structure.

Sales and Trading

01. Trading desk

Through our Trading Desk we offer access to the best execution and settlement services for any type of investment, and access to all markets.

We provide permanent and continuous liquidity in the various financial assets, always optimizing the execution of purchase and sale orders.

In addition to our Private Banking and Institutional Banking, we serve wholesale clients such as Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds.

Fixed Income

We trade Public Securities, Corporate Bonds, Provincial Bonds, Municipal Bonds and Short Term Debt bills issued by Government Agencies (Central Bank, Ministry of Economy, etc.).


We offer access to the local Equity Market and CEDEAR's.

Mutual Funds

We are exclusive distributors and underwriters of various local and foreign Mutual Funds.

FX Coverage

We provide access to the Rofex Futures FX market allowing our clients to cover their variable needs regarding the future exchange rate.

Structured Products

We create products tailored to the needs of each client according to the management profile of their liabilities. We participate actively in the issuance and subsequent distribution of Financial Trusts.

02. Authorized Markets

All operations and transactions are processed through the following authorized markets.

Corporate Finance

01. M&A

We advise local and international companies in mergers and acquisitions in different industries in a strictly confidential manner. We are constantly looking for new business opportunities and the best way to achieve them.

  • Buy & Sell
  • Competitive Processes
  • Direct Negotiations
  • Sale of assets
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Management Buy Outs (MBO)
  • Leveraged Buy Outs (LBO)
  • Private Equity Origination

02. Corporate Advisory

We provide financial advice and solutions to companies throughout their business cycles based on the experience and knowledge of the local and international financial framework.

  • Fairness Opinions
  • Valuations
  • Debt Restructurings
  • IPO Advisory
  • Hold-out situations
  • Credit Rating Assessment and Advisory

03. Capital Markets

We provide integral refinancing solutions for short and medium term liabilities, both to local and foreign companies and economic groups. We design, adapt, and reformulate the debt structure of each company improving the efficiency of its economic cycle.

  • Loan Syndication
  • Corporate, public and private debt
  • Securitizations and Structured Financing
  • Acquisition Finance
  • IPOs origination
  • Project Finance
  • Private placement (capital and debt)

Through our partner Columbus Merchant Banking we offer a wide coverage of services in corporate finance.

Columbus Merchant Banking contributes its trajectory as one of the most active Investment Banks in Argentina occupying the first positions in the ranking of M & A transactions, surpassing first-rate international financial institutions, backed up by its experienced structuring team of capital market operations.

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